Create Forecast Family

The purpose of this procedure is to create and update forecast families. These are used to facilitate manual forecasting by limiting the scope of a forecast to families of products.

Forecasts for specific item/warehouses are obtained by exploding the forecasts for its forecast family. A forecast family can be exploded through the family structure.

Follow these steps

Follow the steps below to create and update a forecast family.

  1. Select ‘Forecast Family. Open’ (FCS400), panel B.

  2. Enter an identity for the new forecast family

  3. Enter the name of the forecast family on the E panel.

  4. Specify how many decimal places are to be used in connection with processing quantities.

  5. Specify which unit to use when forecasting the forecast family.

  6. Specify whether if should be permitted to distribute forecast families among different warehouses.

  7. Specify whether normalization should be used when distributing forecast families. The normalizing factor should be used for re-calculations when the forecast family contains items with varying basic units of measure, e.g. varying package size.

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