Create Forecast Adjustment

The purpose of this procedure is to make adjustments to forecasts for selected groups of items. This is done by updating field Manual adjust for each item/warehouse and field Manual forecast if such is entered when the forecast is created.

Before you start

To start this procedure, forecasts must be created and saved. These can be from either automatic calculations or any of the manual forecasting methods.

The different procedures on creating forecasts can be found in these documents:

Note: To check the documents, refer to the see also section.

Follow these steps

  1. Select program 'Manual Forecast. Adjust' (FCS020), panel E.

  2. Specify the items for which forecasts will be adjusted.

  3. Specify the period range included in the forecast adjustments.

  4. Specify the appropriate update function for the way the forecast adjustments will be made.

  5. To end, press Enter.

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