Create Seasonal Curve

The purpose of this procedure is to create and update seasonal curves. These are used to make seasonal adjustments when extrapolating base forecasts.

Before you start

To start this procedure, the parameter for number of periods per year must be set in 'Company. Connect Division' (MNS100).

Follow these steps

Follow the steps below to create and update seasonal curves.

  1. Select 'Seasonal Curve. Open' (CRS915), panel B.

  2. To create a seasonal curve, specify period type, year and number. Enter an appropriate name and description. These should be relevant and easy to remember.

  3. To update, delete, or inquire on a seasonal curve specify the appropriate option for the curve.

  4. In panel E, enter the percentage share for the appropriate number of periods.

  5. Make sure the amount in field Total percentage is correct after all period shares are entered. The total must be 100% before the entry can be completed. If this is not so, the percentage shares can be changed as required.

  6. To end, press Enter.

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