Create Forecast by Transfer from Sales Budget

The purpose of this procedure is to create forecasts per item and warehouse using values transferred from sales budget.

Before you start

To start this procedure, these prerequisites must be met:

Follow these steps

To create a forecast using values transferred from budget:

  1. Select 'Manual Forecast. Update fr Sales Budget' (FCS425).

  2. Specify the dataset and the ID for the budget version to transfer.

  3. Specify the field from which quantities will be retrieved and the transaction type that will be transferred from the dataset.

  4. Specify the periods in the dataset from which the budget values will be transferred.

  5. Specify the warehouse to which the budget values will be transferred.

  6. Specify whether the transferred values will update forecasts and/or master demand schedules as well as the ID when updating master demand schedules.

  7. Specify whether values should be added to current values in the forecast or MDS by selecting the 'Cumulative' check box. If the check box is not selected, all values will be replaced.

  8. To start the transfer, press Enter.


New forecast and/or delivery quantities are entered for the items included in the selected budget version and the specified warehouse after using this procedure.

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