Create Forecast from Forecast Family

The purpose of this procedure is to create forecasts per item/warehouse by exploding Forecast Family using their family structures.

Before you start

To start this procedure the following prerequisites must be met:

Follow these steps

Follow the steps below to create a forecast from a forecast family.

  1. Select ‘Forecast Family. Open’ (FCS400), panel B.

  2. Specify the forecast family for use or update. Specify option 12=Enter forecasts to call ‘Manual Forecast. Enter via F/C Family’ (FCS415). This can also be called directly from the forecast menu.

  3. Select the sorting order for vertical or horizontal entry.

  4. Enter the forecast for the appropriate number of periods forward.

  5. Repeat steps 2 to 4 for the forecast families to be processed.

  6. To end, press F3=End.


Accrued forecasts are entered or updated for the items/warehouses included in the forecast families processed.

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