Dynamic Planning Value Update

This document explains how to update planning values dynamically using planning templates. This process simplifies the maintenance of items throughout the different stages of the product life cycle based on system transactions


The following planning values are updated automatically based on historical transactions.

Before you start

Follow these steps

  1. Define item and warehouse

    Start 'Item. Connect Warehouse' (MMS002). From panel E, enter the standard planning values.

    Proceed to 'Planning Policy. Open' (MMS037) to set up the planning policy. For example:

    • For items to be included in the update, define the update interval for the planning values.
    • For items to be excluded in the update, set the planning policy to exclude the item from updates
  2. Create planning template

    Start 'Planning template. Open' (RPS180) and define how you want the planning values to be changed. For example, you can create separate planning templates for new, mature, and obsolete items.

  3. Set up planning template rules

    Proceed to (RPS180/E) and define the planning values.

    Proceed to 'Planning template rules. Open' (RPS185). Define the conditions. For example, you can define rules for how to handle new, mature, and obsolete items.

  4. Schedule mass update of planning values to be run at set interval

    Proceed to 'Invent Control Value. Mass Update' (MMS350). Schedule when the mass update of planning values should occur, or run it as a normal submitted job.