Re-Create Connections to a Macro Order

This document explains how you re-create the relation between orders and/or supply chains and the macro order. This might also include recreating the macro order itself.

Note that orders and supply chains are automatically connected to a macro order when they are created. Therefore, this instruction is only needed in rare cases. It can, however, be useful when starting up the functionality or when basic settings, such as macro order policies, have been changed.


Orders and supply chains are connected to the macro order. The connection takes place if the order/supply chain and the macro order have the same macro order policy, facility, warehouse, status, and possibly also attribute values and customer. Furthermore, the order must have a finish date – and the supply chain a due date on the top-level demand – within the macro order’s time frame.

The macro order can be further processed. This might include aggregating materials and operations in the connected orders and/or supply chains into the macro order.

The macro order relation (MMAODE) table is updated. The macro order header (MMAOHE) table might also be updated.

Before you start

A macro order must exist in ‘Macro Order. Open’ (RPS300).

Follow These Steps

  1. Start ‘Macro Order Connections. Recreate’ (RPS370/E).

  2. Select a range of facilities and warehouses that the orders or supply chains must refer to in order to be included.

  3. Select one of the following alternatives:

    • To delete and then re-create the connection between the orders/supply chains and the macro order, select alternative 1 (Reconnect) in the Function field.
    • To delete and re-create both the macro order header and the connections between the orders/supply chains and the macro order, select alternative 2 (Recreate) in the Function field.
  4. If you selected to only reconnect, specify a range of items to reconnect. Press Enter.

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