Importing Data into SCP

This document explains how the data foundation for supply chain planning is created in terms of data import, data creation and data model generation.

This process is the first of three processes that make up the principal process Supply Chain Planning in SCP.


The process results in a complete data foundation for supply chain planning.

The data is the foundation for generating the supply chain model database and working with M3 SCP.

Data import and the generation of the supply chain model database do not effect any data in M3 Business Engine.

M3 BE is only affected when exporting data from M3 SCP.

Before you start

Follow These Steps

The data foundation can be created in the following ways:

  1. Import M3 BE Data

    The import of M3 BE data depends on how the M3 system is set up. This activity is only used if data is to be transferred from M3 BE.

    Before data can be imported from M3 BE into M3 SCP, a transfer file with all the data need to be created in BE. For further information, refer to BE documentation.

    You can decide to keep or delete local data of all categories during the import. Data that have previously been transferred from BE to M3 SCP but are not included in the current transfer file will be treated as local data.

  2. Create Local data

    All data used by M3 SCP can be created and maintained in the Data Generator component. This data is located in a Microsoft Access database. (File name is found in Version Control in SCP.) Imported data are used to populate the database automatically in the same structure as if all data where created locally. Locally created data can be either a complete model or additions to imported data.

  3. Generate Model Database

    When all data has been imported and/or created, the supply chain model database can be generated. This is done in the System Setup component, which is located in the Navigation Menu in the M3 SCP main screen. When the data generation function is activated, the user has the option to choose a total or a partial data generation. These options are shown in the next graphic.

    Data is always generated in the data version that is currently active. Another version can be selected in the Version Control panel, which is located in the Analysis Area. This panel is selected in the drop-down menu at the top of the SCP screen.

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