Sourcing Rule


Sourcing rules tell how a purchase or supply node in the supply chain is to be sourced within a certain date interval.


Sourcing rules control how a demand at a warehouse is fulfilled. This may be done through manufacturing, purchasing or distribution.

Demand from customers drives the supply chain. Sales forecasts or budgets are used as input to master demand schedules at the supply nodes.

Sourcing rules are especially useful for industries that require multi-sourcing for one item. For example, there could be a point in time when the company does not have the capacity to manufacture and wants to supply via distribution orders instead, or decides to purchase 50 percent of an item and supply the remaining 50 percent from another warehouse.

Sourcing rules contains the following information:

Note that the sum of the sourcing rules per combination of To node, SCP item group and From date must always be 100 percent.

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