Monitor and Implement Inventory Build-Up from SCP

This document explains how you monitor and implement inventory build-up proposals from M3 Supply Chain Planner (SCP). The inventory build-up is exported to M3 BE from SCP as a result of the optimization/simulation in SCP.


An inventory build-up plan has been implemented in material planning.

The inventory build-up plan is used when you need extra safety stock, for example due to seasonal variations in demand. This is often the case in the food and beverage industry.

The following tables are updated:

Before you start

Follow these steps

Adjust and disaggregate inventory build-up per node

  1. Start 'SCP Version. Enter Inventory Build-Up' (SPS230/B).

    You can also start this program by using related option 'Received INV' in 'SCP Version. Open' (SPS100). Note that the SCP version must have version category INV.

  2. Select the appropriate SCP version. The inventory build-up per node and item is displayed.

  3. Choose to create new inventory build-up records or delete or change existing records. This is optional. If you want to make any changes, the SCP version must have status 40=Received INV.

  4. Change or enter a To date and extra safety stock quantity on the E panel (optional).

    When you have changed or created new demand records, the status of the SCP version is updated to 50=Manually changed INV.

  5. Press F14=Distribute when you have checked and, if necessary, changed the inventory build-up records. Inventory build-up per node item will then be transferred to the item/warehouse level. The status of the SCP version is updated to 70=Disaggregation performed.

    Note: For inventory build-up, there is a one-to-one relationship between node and warehouse.

Implement inventory build-up

  1. Start 'SCP Version. Display Inventory Build-Up' (SPS235).

  2. Select the SCP version. The result of the aggregation in (SPS230) is displayed on panel (SPS235/B).

  3. Select Display if you want to see details for the inventory record on the E panel. Note that you cannot create or change any data in (SPS235).

  4. Select related option 'Item/Warehouse' if you want to view, and possibly change, the corresponding item/warehouse record in 'Item. Connect Warehouse' (MMS002).

  5. Select action F20=Implement to start implementing the inventory records. When the job has finished, the status of the SCP version category is updated to 90=Implemented.

  6. Select related option 'Time-phased SS' i) if you want to view the result of the implementation in 'Safety Stock. Open Time Phased' (RPS040). In this program you can make additional changes in the safety stock records.

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