Monitor and Implement Sourcing Rules from SCP

This document explains how you monitor, disaggregate and implement sourcing rules. The sourcing rules are applied to supply and purchase nodes and exported to M3 Business Engine (BE) from M3 Supply Chain Planner (SCP) as a result of optimization in SCP.


Sourcing rules per item/warehouse have been implemented in material planning.

The following tables are updated:

The sourcing rules indicate how a node should be supplied for a particular date interval. Note that you can implement sourcing rules in a simulation environment.

Before you start

Follow these steps

Adjust and distribute sourcing rules per SCP Item Group

  1. Start 'SCP Version. Enter Sourcing Rule/SCP Group' (SPS200/B).

    You can also start this program by using related option 'Received data' in 'SCP Version. Open' (SPS100). Note that the SCP version must belong to the SOR version category.

  2. Select the appropriate SCP version. The sourcing rules per SCP group are displayed.

  3. You can create new sourcing rules and delete or change existing sourcing rules whose status is 40=Received sourcing rules. On the E panel, you may change the percentage of the requested shortage quantity to be supplied from the specified replenishment source. You can also change the acquisition code. Note that the sum of the sourcing rules per combination of 'To node', 'SCP item group' and 'From date' must always be 100 percent.

    When you have changed or created new sourcing rules, the status of the SCP version is updated to 50=Manually changed sourcing rules.

  4. When you have checked and, possibly, changed the sourcing rules, disaggregate them by pressing F14=Distribute. Sourcing rules per SCP item group will then be distributed to the item/warehouse level.

Implement sourcing rules

  1. Start 'SCP Version. Display Sourcing Rules/Item' (SPS205).

  2. Select the SCP version. The result of the disaggregation in (SPS200) is displayed on the B panel.

  3. Select Display to see details of the aggregated sourcing rule on the E panel. Note that you cannot create or change data in this program.

  4. Select related option Item/warehouse to check and, possibly, change the corresponding item/warehouse record in 'Item. Connect Warehouse' (MMS002).

  5. Select action F20=Implement to implement the sourcing rules. When implemented, the status of the SCP version category is updated to 20=Implemented sourcing rules.

    Use related option 'Implement' to implement the records individually.

  6. Select related option 'Src rule/item' to view the result of the implementation in 'Item. Define Sourcing Rule' (RPS090). Changes can be made to the sourcing rules in this program.

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