Creating an M3 SCP Version

This document explains how you create an M3 SCP version and connect nodes, M3 SCP item groups or item numbers, and other basic data to it.


An M3 SCP version with status 10 (inactive) is created in the system. For the list of tables updated in this process, refer to the documents in the See also section.

The M3 SCP version is used to keep the data to be transferred between M3 BE and Supply Chain Planner together.

Before you start

Follow These Steps

  1. Create M3 SCP Version

    You create M3 SCP versions in 'M3 SCP Version. Open' (SPS100). The M3 SCP version header contains information about time fences, currency, aggregation level and from where demand should be retrieved.

    You start the programs used in the subsequent activities of this process from (SPS100).

  2. Connect Node Network to M3 SCP Version

    You connect the physical network to the M3 SCP version by using 'M3 SCP Version. Connect Node' (SPS110). For sales nodes, it is possible to override the demand data entered in (SPS100) on panel (SPS110/E).

  3. Connect Supplier and Warehouse to Nodes

    You can connect objects to purchase and supply nodes in an M3 SCP version. In 'M3 SCP Version-Node. Connect Objects' (SPS111) you can connect one or several suppliers to a purchase node and one or several warehouses to a supply node. On the warehouse level, you can override the master demand schedule (MDS) version entered for the M3 SCP version.

    Note that you can only use one warehouse if you run M3 SCP on the item level.

  4. Define Supplier Constraints

    You enter the delivery capacity for each supplier in 'Supplier. Connect Assortment' (PPS012). The valid delivery group types are M3 SCP group or item number. Here you can also indicate whether the supplier's capacity should be considered.

  5. Connect M3 SCP Item Group or Items to M3 SCP Version

    You connect M3 SCP item groups or items to the M3 SCP version in 'M3 SCP Version. Connect M3 SCP Item Group/Item' (SPS112). Whether you should connect M3 SCP item groups or items depends on which aggregation level you have chosen for the M3 SCP group. You may also generate item numbers to the M3 SCP version by using 'M3 SCP Version. Generate Items'(SPS113).

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