Define SCP Item Group

This document explains how you define SCP item groups and connect items to these groups.


One or several SCP item groups are defined in the system.

The following tables are updated:

SCP item groups are used as an aggregated level for items with similar characteristics. Using SCP item groups reduces the amount of data used in the optimization/simulation in M3 SCP.

Before you start

Follow These Steps

Create SCP Item Group

  1. Start 'SCP Item Group. Open' (SPS030/B).

    Set the panel sequence to E1.

  2. Enter an identity for the new SCP item group.

  3. On the E panel, enter a short description and a name for the SCP item group.

  4. Specify the item group in which this SCP item group should be included; that is, whether you want the SCP item group to be included in a range of groups. Set the 'SCP group type' parameter to 1.

  5. Enter the net weight and volume for the SCP group.

  6. Enter the shelf life manually, or select the 'Calculate shelf life' parameter if you want shelf life to be automatically calculated.

  7. Enter the basic U/M for the SCP item group.

    You can add additional text by pressing F6=Text.

Connect Items to SCP Item Group

  1. Press Enter to start 'SCP Item Group. Connect Items' (SPS031/B).

  2. Enter the identity of the item that should be connected to the SCP item group. Press New.

    You can display available items by pressing F4=Prompt.

  3. Repeat step 2 for each item that you want to connect to the group. Press F3=End when you are finished

    Note: It is also possible to make selections of items and automatically generate these to an SCP item group.

Include/Exclude SCP Item Groups (optional)

  1. Start 'Node Distr Relation. Open' (SPS120/B).

  2. Select the NDR from which you want to exclude certain SCP item groups or items and select option 11=Inc/Exc SCP grp.

  3. In 'Node Distr Relation. Connect SCP Itm Grp' (SPS121/B), enter one or several item groups or item numbers that you want to exclude from or include in this NDR. Using this functionality is optional.

    This functionality is useful if you have SCP item groups or items that can only be transported in one way, such as liquid goods.

  4. On the E panel, select or clear the Include/Exclude check box for the SCP item groups or items that you want to include in or exclude from this NDR.

Parameters to Set

Program ID/Panel Field The field indicates …
(SPS030/B) SCP item group … the SCP item group. An SCP item group consists of items with similar characteristics, such as product structure and so on.
(SPS030/E) Included in SCP item group … the SCP item group to which the current SCP item group belongs. Use this parameter if you have ranges of SCP item groups.
  SCP group type

… the type of SCP item group.

The valid alternatives are:

0=Normal SCP item group—item numbers are connected to the SCP item group in (SPS031).

1=This SCP item group is a range that includes other SCP item groups—it is not possible to connect item numbers to the range.

  Net weight

… the average weight of all items within the SCP item group. The net weight's U/M is set in (SPS701).

Net weight may either be automatically calculated when running (SPS032) or entered manually in this field.


… the average volume of all items within the SCP item group. The volume's U/M is set in (SPS701).

Volume may either be automatically calculated when running (SPS032) or entered manually in this field.

  Shelf life

… the normal number of shelf life days of a lot number or serial number per SCP item group, based on production date.

When you enter shelf life manually, it means that shelf life is considered to be equal within the company regardless of what warehouses are connected to the different nodes in the supply chain.

If you want to calculate the shelf life for an SCP item group, leave this field blank and select the 'Calculate Shelf Life' parameter.

  Calculate Shelf Life

… whether shelf life is to be calculated when activating an SCP version. If you do not select this parameter, shelf life per SCP item group is used.

The calculation is based on shelf life values at item–warehouse, for those warehouses that are connected to nodes in the current SCP version.

In SCP, shelf life per item or SCP item group is considered to be the same at all nodes where the item/SCP item group can be stored (put into inventory).

Note: When optimization is based upon item numbers, shelf life is calculated as the lowest value from the actual item–warehouse records. Zero values are excluded.

  Basic U/M … the basic unit of measure for the SCP group.
(SPS031/B) Item number

… the item number that should be connected to the SCP item group. An item number may only exist in one SCP item group.

Item numbers can either be manually connected to an SCP item group in (SPS031) or generated in 'SCP Item Group. Generate Items' (SPS032), which is started with option F14=Gen item no. in (SPS031/B).

(SPS121/B) Aggregation level … the aggregation level used. The valid alternatives are 0=SCP item group and 1=Item number.
  SCP item group/Item number … the SCP item group or item number (depending on the aggregation level selected).
  Include/exclude object value … whether SCP item groups and item numbers are to be excluded from or included in a certain node distribution relation (NDR). Select this check box if you want to exclude an SCP item group or item number. Clear it if you want to include an SCP item group or an item number. This means that no other SCP item groups/items may be distributed for this relation.
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