Additional Transportation Information


The transportation functionality enables you to add additional transportation data to a shipment or delivery. An example is information such as booking number, vessel name or ocean BOL number. Other examples are specific dates and times. In addition, information such as booking request date, estimated time of arrival and estimated time of departure can be stored.

The additional transportation information can only be added manually or via an API. This means that changes of the content of a shipment or delivery in M3 BE will not affect any information added as additional transportation information. It is also assumed that the additional transportation information is added to a M3 BE shipment or delivery at a very late step in the dispatch process.

The additional transportation information will be deleted when a shipment is deleted or when a delivery header is deleted. The information could also be archived together with the connected entity, for example if a shipment is archived, the connected additional transportation information is also archived.

The additional information can be read, added, changed and deleted from systems external to M3 BE using APIs.



Additional transportation information master table

Additional information is created, managed, and used per shipment or delivery. This is managed in program 'Additional transportation info. Open' (DRS102).

Field The field indicates …
Transportation information level 1 = info on shipment level, 2 = info on delivery level
Shipment The shipment ID that the additional information is connected to. Must be zero if transportation information level is set to 2 and must not be zero if transportation info level is set to 1.
Delivery The delivery ID that the additional information is connected to. Must be zero if transportation information level is set to 1 and must not be zero if transportation info level is set to 2.

Detailed information

On the E and F panels in (DRS102), detailed information is viewed and maintained.

Note: There are generally no validations that the data is coherent with similar data in M3 BE, since there might be data stored in this table coming from an external system. However, there are some basic validations:

Managing additional transportation information

You can manage the additional transportation information that are connected to shipments or deliveries in 'Additional Transportation Information.Open' (DRS102).

This program can be accessed from 'Shipment. Open Toolbox' (DRS100) and 'Delivery. Open Toolbox' (MWS410) using option 20=Additional transportation info.Open.

Here, you can connect additional transportation information manually. You can also change or delete existing records.

You are only allowed to add an additional transportation information record to the level for which is intended. Hence, it is only possible to add transportation information for a shipment with transportation information level 1 and for a delivery with transportation information level 2.

When a shipment or delivery is deleted, the additional transportation information connected to it is also deleted. There is no automatic copying or transfer of additional transportation information from an old shipment or delivery to a new shipment or delivery.

It is also possible to create, change, delete, get, and list additional transportation information by using the appropriate transaction in API DRS102MI.

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