Follow these steps

Create facility shell and details

  1. Start 'Facility. Open' (CRS008).

  2. On the B panel, indicate the alphanumeric value of the facility and select the Create option.

  3. On the E panel, specify the Name and Division fields.

  4. On the same panel, connect the main warehouse to the facility by filling in the Warehouse field.

    To create a main warehouse, see Create Warehouse.

  5. For the Facility ID just created, select the Change option on the B panel.

  6. On the E panel, specify any of the remaining information to create a complete facility corresponding to your needs:

    1. Object access group - Select a group ID to restrict access to different objects such as accounting identities, divisions, and facilities.

    2. Our invoicing address - Select the Address ID that reflects the facility's invoicing address.

    3. APS enabled - Select the check box to activate the APS client application for the facility.

    4. Shift planning - Select the check box if shift planning is to be used for this facility's manufacturing orders.

    5. Shift pattern adjustments - Select the check box to enable the use of shift pattern adjustments where the system remembers changes of shift pattern by work center and date interval.

    6. Version management - Select alternative 1 or 2 to allow/require product structures in the facility to use version management. Versions may be applied to product structures representing manufacturing processes when this facility setting is enabled.

    7. Process manufacturing - Select the check box to activate functionality related to Process manufacturing in the facility.

    8. Global facility - Select an appropriate Facility ID which represents a global facility used to accumulate the balance for each item from multiple facilities.

    9. Facility numeric name - Specify a numeric identifier for the facility, if desired. It can be used as part of the setup for invoice numbering for the facility.

    10. Geographical code X - Specify the longitude coordinate of the node, if desired.

    11. Geographical code Y - Specify the latitude coordinate of the node, if desired.

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