MMS850MI Transaction AddPartialCount

Reporting of partial counts for a physical inventory line is done in 'Physical Inventory. Report' (MMS301) using an external system, mainly hand-held devices like scanners.

The transaction AddPartialCount in MMS850MI supports reporting of partial counts for a specific line of a physical inventory request based on the physical inventory number (field STNB), together with either the physical inventory line number (field STRN), or the complete balance identity of such a line. Either the item number, or alias of category 2, can be used for addressing the balance identity. The transaction AddPartialCount is available in MMS850MI. This transaction enables reporting of partial counts for a physical inventory line in 'Physical Inventory. Report' (MMS301).

The transaction can also be used for creating new inventory lines for a specific request. This is done by entering a balance identity which does not already exist on the list.

Furthermore, if an item exists in the item master file (table MITMAS) and not in the specific warehouse for which the physical inventory is done, this item will automatically be added to the warehouse (table MITBAL) and facility (table MITFAC) when the transaction is processed.

An equivalent SndPartialCount transaction is also available in MMS850MI to enable creation of the same kind of transactions, but without having them validated before they are actually processed. This can be useful for instance when the communication between the external system and M3 BE is not synchronous, or when a huge amount of data is being uploaded to M3 BE at once, or when data must not be lost because of evaluation errors.

When partial count is performed, an external system might need to read the same physical inventory request several times, as well as read a physical inventory request for which reporting already has started. In order to address this need, the transaction, LstStockTakeAll is available in MMS301MI as a complement to the original LstStockTake-transaction in MMS301MI which only read requests of status 40.

The transaction, LstStockTakeAll, differs from LstStockTake in the following ways:

  1. Changed read function: The LstStockTake transaction only reads physical inventory headers of status 40. The LstStockTakeAll transaction reads all requests in the interval greater equal status 40 to lower than status 60, including status 41 and 51. When using the LstStockTakeAll transaction, the external system must decide which status that should be acknowledged.
  2. The changed update function: The LstStockTake transaction sets a read physical inventory header to status 41, the LstStockTakeAll transaction sets a physical inventory header to 41 if it before the read had status 40, and 51 if it before had status 50.
  3. In addition, the Related option 21 'Change status' in 'Physical Inventory. Perform' (MMS300) now sets a physical inventory header of status 41 back to 40, and a header in status 51 back to 50.

For more information about the workflows, see Net Change Report 2481.