Manage Attribute with Warehouse Interface

When stock transactions are performed, attribute information can be provided for the stock. In H5, the user would usually be guided to 'Attribute. Open' (ATS101) to provide attribute information.

Some warehouse interface transactions can accommodate attributes.

A ‘message line attribute’ record can be added in 'Order Init Msg Line Attribute. Manage' (MHS856), it relates to one message line and can be reached using option '12' from 'Order Init Stock Trans Msg. Manage' (MHS852).

(MHS856) records are saved in table MHIATR.

Each message line attribute record is created by providing:

Attribute types 1 (alphanumerical) 2 (numerical) and 3 (date) are the only supported types.

The following rules apply:

Line attributes can also be managed using the API MHS850MI transactions 'AddAttribute', 'UpdAttribute', 'DltAttribute', 'GetAttribute', and 'LstAttribute'.


The transactions “AddAttribute” and “UpdAttribute” have a unique input field for the attribute value. The API will convert the value provided accordingly to the attribute types alphanumerical, numerical, or date.

When the 'Order Init Stock Msg. Manage' (MHS850) instruction is processed, the attribute information is passed to the business function.

This is an example of the workflow for performing a purchase order receipt with WHI with attributes:
  1. Perform MHS850MI AddMOReceipt or MHS850MI AddPOReceipt without the process flag.
  2. Execute MHS850MI AddAttribute as many times as there are attributes to add for the stock to be received.
  3. Run the API transaction MHS850MI PrcWhsTran to execute the transaction.

The MHIATR records are archived when the message is archived. Archived line attributes are transferred to table MHAATR.

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