MHS850MI Transaction AddCorrPickLine

The transaction MHS850MI AddCorrPickLine supports pick correction at package line level, or at pickling list line level if no packing is used.

The field 'Item number' (ITNO) is mandatory together with picking list line details ('Stock transaction type' (TTYP), 'Order number' (RIDN), 'Order line' (RIDL), 'Order index' (RIDI) and 'Picking list suffix' (PLSX)).

The 'Package number' (PACN) is mandatory for deliveries using packing method 2, 3, or 4 and refers to the package that should be adjusted.

The field 'Quantity Picked' (QTYP) refers to the quantity that was actually picked. If the delivery uses packing methods 0 or 1: 'Quantity Picked' refers to the quantity that was actually picked on the picking list line. If the delivery uses packing methods 2, 3, or 4, a 'Package number' (PACN) must be provided, and 'Quantity Picked' refers to the quantity actually picked in the package.


One picking list line with total of 25 pieces is packed into 2 packages: 10 pieces in package P1, and 15 pieces in package P2.

AddCorrPickLine performed for package P1 with quantity 9 pieces reverses 1 pce back into stock.

AddCorrPickLine performed for package P2 with quantity 9 pieces reverses 6 pce back into stock.

The field 'Catch weight' (CAWE) is mandatory for catch weight items. 'Catch weight' refers to the catch weight of the 'Quantity Picked'. When packing is used, 'Catch weight' represents the actual weight for the item/lot /container in the specified package.

The field 'Location' (WHSL) is not mandatory. If all transactions for the picking list line were performed from the same location, M3 BE is able to retrieve that information and perform the pick correction using this same location. If pick transactions were performed from several locations, the user must specify from which location the correction should be made.

The transaction AddCorrPickLine does not allow input of the reporting date and time. The time at which the transaction runs is considered to be the transaction time.

MHS850MI AddCorrPickLine is not applicable for container management 7 items, Sublot items, Kit items and non-stock items.

This transaction applies to transaction types 31, 51, 41, and 92 only.