MHS850MI Transaction AddDORecOther

The API MHS850MI transaction AddDORecOther allows the receipt of goods that were not sent on the distribution order.

The following input data is required:

The transaction adds a new line on the distribution order with quantity 0 (zero), and creates an inbound package line. It then picks the quantity from the deviating location (*=>YYY), and the final receipt is performed using these details.

Note: The possibility to receive an item not included on the delivery is controlled by setting parameter 600 on the dispatch policy (MWS010/J) to 2.

To receive an item not included on the delivery, parameter 515 on the order type (CRS200/J) should also be activated to accept the distribution order line with zero quantity. Over receipt using an API is not allowed for catch weight item, sublot item, or in-house package items.