Manual Over-Allocation - Manufacturing Component Line Fashion

This procedure is used to manually allocate a manufacturing order line by connecting it to one or more locations and lot numbers (if needed). Moreover, all or part of the quantity in a manufacturing order line can be allocated.

After using this procedure, a manufacturing order line is over, fully or partly allocated. Over/full allocation results in status '33' (allocated) for the component line. Partial allocation results in status '23' (one part allocated with remaining quantity to be allocated).

Before you start

In 'Settings – Warehouse Planning Control' (CRS701), a new tolerance field, ‘Over allocation deviation’ (OADE), controls the allowed over-allocation (percentage) when performing manual allocation in 'Allocation. Perform Detailed' (MMS121).

A manufacturing component material line must be specified that is not fully printed in a picking list or fully delivered.

Follow these steps

  1. Start 'Manufacturing Order. Open' (PMS100).
  2. Start 'Manufact Order. Check Comp Availability' (PMS040) by selecting related option 22='Check component availability'.
  3. Start 'Allocation. Perform Detailed' (MMS121) by selecting option 2='Change' in (PMS040).
  4. Open panel (MMS121/P) and select panel ‘Additional Info’ (K). It opens (MMS121/K) with additional fields like ‘Item description’ (FUDS), ‘Schedule number’ (SCHN).

    Columns Lot Ref 2, Lot Ref 1, Location and Dynamic Attribute description are also opened and show important fashion-related information that is used to select the location to allocate.

  5. All locations with allocatable quantity are displayed and will have an open line. Select a location and enter a quantity in the open 'Allocated quantity - basic U/M' field.

    An over-allocation quantity is allowed for manually allocated items that are part of a manufacturing order. This over-allocated quantity is controlled by the tolerance field ‘Over allocation deviation’ (OADE) in 'Settings – Warehouse Planning Control' (CRS701) which permits allocation of a percentage over the ordered quantity.

  6. Press Enter to update the field in the 'Allocated qty' header. The manufacturing order is allocated and the component material ready for issue.
  7. Press F3 to return to (PMS040).
  8. Press F3 to return to (PMS100).
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