Sales Price Unit of Measure

A sales price unit of measure (U/M) is the U/M entered for the sales price. This is specified per item in 'Item. Connect Alternate U/M' (MMS015).

The sales price U/M for an item can be either fixed or dynamic. This is set in 'Item. Open' (MMS001/H).

Dynamic sales price U/M

A dynamic sales price U/M can be changed for the item either in connection with customer order line entry or when a sales price is defined, for example in a price list.

If *PRI is entered in the 'Sales price U/M' field in 'CO Type. Update Field Selection' (OIS014/J), the sales price U/M is retrieved from the price source when the CO line is created. See Assigning a Sales Price to a Customer Order Line for more details.

Fixed sales price U/M

A fixed sales price U/M cannot be changed from the U/M specified for the item in the item table.

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