Route Planning

Routes are used to plan transport in advance and to organize different transport requirements into common route departures. Place(s) of load and place(s) of unload are also specified to provide lower costs for a company. If the route is a circular route, several places of unload can be specified, as well as the order in which stops are made.

Route Departures

When fixed shipping days are required, the appropriate days of the week can be specified, indicating when a shipment should be made for a particular route. The frequency of the route departure can also be specified, such as weekly departure, every other week, etc.

If a shipping agreement containing fixed delivery days has been made with a forwarding agent, the validity period of the agreement can be specified. Transfer to a new agreement is performed automatically.

Route Departure Exceptions

For public holidays and other days when shipments are not to be made, the route departure can be either deleted or replaced by another one.

Unloading Order

The unloading order at a location can be determined on an individual basis by specifying unloading zones or ZIP codes in the correct order.