Packing is the operation you carry out when you collect one or several items, the lines on a picking list, for example, and make a package and use packaging material, such as a box. Packing can be done manually or automatically.

During automatic packing, the entire quantity of goods is separated into packages according to a table specifying how many units of an item can fit into one package.

During manual packing, the contents of a package are determined when each individual package is created. A package may contain items for different orders but must be delivered to the same delivery address. During manual packing, packages with the same content can be created simultaneously.

The packing status for each delivery order is displayed in 'Delivery. Open Toolbox' (MWS410) , and for the shipment in 'Shipment. Open Toolbox' (DRS100).

If different item numbers could be packed in the same package or not is controlled by the setting in 'Dispatch policy. Open' (MWS010).