Changing, Deleting and Releasing the Supply Chain

Deleting the Supply Chain

When a supply chain is deleted, all levels below it are also deleted. If released orders exist, they remain but are disconnected from the supply chain, and the pre-allocations are removed.

The orders below the released order are still connected to the supply chain. A manual de-allocation or manual deletion must be carried out on the next level.

Changing the Supply Chain

Changing the Quantity

If you change a quantity on a supply chain, it is regenerated. That is, proposals and existing orders are recreated. Quantities on released orders are not changed automatically.

If a quantity is changed manually on a released order via (PMS100), (PPS200), or (MMS100), only that specific order is changed, and the lower levels are not affected.

When 'Supply Chain Policy. Open' (CRS709) contains ‘Link existing orders’=1 and ‘Stop supply chain explosion’=1, supply orders on the lowest level manually connected via (MWS121) are not deleted when the quantity is changed. They are handled as released orders.

When (CRS709) contains ‘Use existing orders’=2 and ‘Stop supply chain explosion’=1, automatically connected supply orders are not affected when the quantity is changed. They are handled as released orders.

Changing the Date

You can change the date on a supply chain either on the top level, or via the Fashion Planning Workbench, as appropriate. In the Fashion Planning Workbench, you can reschedule the planned dates on all levels below the CO/DO line in a supply chain.

Releasing a Supply Chain Order

The behavior of a supply chain once a supply chain order is released depends on the type of proposal.

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