Alias Number for Items

This supporting function is used to specify an alias number for items. An alias number is an alternative ID for an item and functions as a different search path for the item number.

Before you start

This supporting function can be used when the items are specified in 'Customer. Open' (CRS610).


An alias number is used as an alternative ID for an item number so the item can be identified even when its number is unknown. Alias numbers are primarily used to specify items during order entry such as for customer orders, distribution orders, service orders, etc.

An item can have an unlimited number of alias numbers connected to it and an alias number can be connected to more than one item. These connections (search paths) are saved in the MITPOP file.

Alias numbers are specified and updated in 'Item. Connect Alias Number' (MMS025). A default quantity for order entry can also be specified for an alias number in this program.

Alias type

Every alias number in the alias file is connected to an alias type to facilitate processing. The alias type regulates both the way records are created in the file and the search order in the alias file.

Automatically created alias numbers

Alias numbers are automatically created when an item is specified in these programs:

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