Settings for System-Guided Pick and Pack

This document explains how you set up system-guided pick and pack.


You can pick, pack, move to the packing location, move to the docking location, and issue the picking list.

Picking activities (default, not user defined) are stored in the CRPIAC file.

Picking guideline data is stored in the MPIGLD file.

System-guided pick and pack is used to guide the user through selected parts of the dispatch flow. This reduces variability and enables you to create a dispatch flow that is suitable for reporting picking activities in a mobile picking scenario.

Before You Start

Follow These Steps

In 'Picking Activity. Open' (CRS018) you can display the available activities. You cannot create or change records in this program.

Define Object Control Table for Picking Guidelines

  1. Start 'Available Object Control Parameters. Open' (CMS016). Select Pick guideline (MWS170) and select option 11=Object table detailed lines.

  2. 'Generic Object Control Table. Open' (CMS017/B) is started. Set the 'Panel sequence' field to E (T) 1.

  3. Enter "MWS170" in the Program field.

  4. Enter the following information on the (CMS017/E) panel:

    • Priorities from 1 to 10 in the Priority fields.
    • By default, sequence 10 corresponds to priority 1, sequence 20 to priority 2, and so on up to sequence 100, which corresponds to priority 10.
    • The selected fields from the field group MWKVD in the 'Field 1(2, 3, 4 and 5)' fields. Press F4 to select the valid fields.
    • Gray fields that are not editable have records created in (MWS170).
  5. Press Enter. The T panel is displayed. Press Enter again to start 'Picking Guidelines. Open' (MWS170).

Create Values for the Object Control Table

  1. You must define values for the defined control fields. You must repeat this for each priority. To the right of the 'Priority' field you can view all the priorities defined for this event/sequence number.

  2. On the (MWS170/B) panel, define values for the fields.

  3. The 'Value 1, (2, 3, 4 and 5)' fields are the first, second, third, fourth and fifth values to be compared to the contents of a control object.

  4. Fill in the fields on the (MWS170/E) panel.

    You can now perform the dispatch process with system-guided pick and pack.

Parameters to Set

Parameters to Set Field The field indicates …
(CRS018/B) Picking activity

…one of several activities that should be performed in the warehouse to follow a predefined dispatch flow. These activities are predefined.

The valid alternatives are:

SP = Start picking

AP = Manual advance packing - Mobile picking

MP = Move to packing location - Mobile picking

MD = Move to docking location - Mobile picking

IS = Issue - Mobile picking

(CRS018/E) Program …the program where the standard alternative should be triggered to perform the activity.
(CRS018/E) Task activated

…if the activity is activated to be included in mobile picking.

The valid alternatives are:

0 = Not activated

1 = Activated for mobile picking

This field is for informational purposes only.

(CRS018/E) Standard alternative

…the standard alternative used to perform this picking activity. An alternative can both be an option or a function key.

The field is used in mobile picking where the alternative set in this field is triggered automatically when the next action is confirmed.

This field is for informational purposes only.

(CRS018/E) Valid alternative 1 -10

…the options or functions that are allowed to be used in addition to the standard alternative.

This function is not currently available.

(CMS016/B) Object control parameter

.. the available object control parameter, where you can define your objects and values.

Select Pick guideline selection - MWS170.

These values are generated automatically when you first enter CMS016 for the installation. If you have upgraded CMS016, you might need to press F14 to create any new values.

(CMS016/E)   These fields are not changeable.
(CMS017/B) Program name … the program that is used for the object control table. In this case it is MWS170.
(CMS017/E) Field 1 ,2 ,3, 4, 5

…a field or data element from a specific file.

It is used to create keys or search paths for user-defined tables and to create the contents of user-defined files.

(CMS017/E) Status

… the status of the object control setting.




Only status 20 is used in the dispatch flow.

(CMS017/E) Sequence

… the order in which each information field should be displayed.

By default, sequence 10 corresponds to priority 1, sequence 20 to priority 2, and so on up to sequence 100, which corresponds to priority 10.


To move an object control line from priority 2 to 1, assign the sequence number for the line a number between 11 and 19. Press Enter. The line is then placed in the correct order.

(CMS017/E) Priority

… a priority for the selected fields.

The object lookup is always performed in priority order. If no qualified objects are found according to priority one, M3 will try to find matching objects according to priority two, and so on.

(CMS017/E) Field

… a field or data element from a specific file.

It is used to create keys or search paths for user-defined tables and to create the contents of user-defined files.

Note: These fields will be protected if entries are found in (MWS170). This means that you cannot enter these fields if they are in use.

(CRS109/B) Field group

… a grouping of several fields from different files that regulate matrix entries. In this case, the MWKVD field group can be selected.

Field groups are system-defined and cannot be changed.

(MWS170/B) Priority

… the table priority from the table in (CMS017). When searching after document event triggers, object value entries are searched in priority sequence, from 0 to 9, until a matching set of object values is found.

All available priorities are displayed to the right and are separated with a slash, such as 0/1/2.

(MWS170/B) Value 1, 2, 3, 4

These are the object values that must match for the specified fields in (CMS017/E) to cause the picking activities specified in the corresponding (MWS170/E) panel to be activated when performing the picking via MWS420 using the new sorting order for mobile picking.

Example: A setting is made in MWS170/E for using the picking guideline sequence MP (Move to pack) and IS (Issue). If the control objects are warehouse and stock zone, and the values entered here are 001 and AA, then the warehouse and stock zone for the picking list must be 001/AA to activate the picking guideline sequence of MP and IS in the corresponding MWS170/E panel.

Example: Start value 1 can be Warehouse (OQWHLO). Select a warehouse by pressing F4=Prompt.

Start value 2 can be stock zone (PISLTP). Select a stock zone by pressing F4.

(MWS170/E) Picking guideline sequence …the sequence of activities that should be performed using mobile picking in the dispatch flow.
(MWS170/E) Activity See CRS018/B.
(MWS170/E) Auto release task

…if a mobile picking task that was completed or canceled should be automatically released so that other users or pickers can start working on the task.

The valid alternatives are:

0 = No automatic release

1 = Automatic release activated

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