Settings for System Directed Put Away for Preferred Buffer Locations

This document explains how to define preferred buffer locations to be used by system-directed put-away.


Preferred buffer locations for system-directed put-away are defined.

This is used when you want to define preferred buffer (reserve) locations for a picking location.

For more information, see System-Directed Put-Away.

Before you start

The settings in Basic Settings for System-Directed Put-Away must be done.

Follow these steps

  1. Start 'Stock Location. Open' (MMS010). Open the E-panel for all the buffer locations that should be connected to a picking location. Fill in the 'Location group' field with the same value for all these buffer locations.

  2. Start 'Location. Connect Location Groups' (MMS011/B). Fill in the Location field with the identity of the picking location.

  3. Fill in the 'Sequence number' field for the location group you are to create.

    The system begins to look through the location group with the lowest sequence number and then in this location group next sequence number and after that, the system goes back and search for empty locations according to the normal location type and stock zone search.

  4. Open the E-panel. Fill in the 'Location group' field and activate the 'Use at put-away' field.

  5. If you have more location groups to connect to this picking location, fill in the 'Sequence number' field for the other location groups.

    This table shows how to connect picking locations to preferred buffer locations using location groups and sequencing in (MMS011):

      Location group 1 Location group 2 Location group 3

    Buffer locations

    0104 0204 0304
    0103 0203 0303
    0102 0202 0302
    Picking locations 0101 0201 0301
    Table for location 0101 Table for location 0201 Table for location 0301
    Seq Group Seq Group Seq Group
    0010 1 0010 2 0010 3
    0020 2 0020 1 0020 2
        0030 3    

    Sorting orders in Stock Location. Open (MMS010)

    The sorting order in (MMS010) can be used to show the sequence in which locations are retrieved according to the scenarios described in this table:

    Preferred buffer locations specified in MMS011 (Location Group) Stock zone specified in MMS002/G Sorting order
    Yes Yes 5
    Yes No 6
    No Yes 2
    No No 4

Parameters to set

Program ID/Panel Field The field indicates …
(MMS010/E) Location group

… the locations referred to by the preferred warehouse location group table. This table is used during system-directed put-away to find locations close to the pick-face (defined in (MMS002/F), the Location field).

When system-directed put-away is finding locations, it first looks for free locations that belong to the location groups defined for the pick-face in (MMS011). It does this in the sequence specified in (MMS011).


A typical example in a pallet rack area is that, for a given floor level pallet location, the best buffer locations are directly above it. The locations above it would be assigned the same location group and then the location attached to this location group by using (MMS011).

System-directed put-away will then attempt to find a location for that location group and, if it cannot, it will then look for locations according to the normal system-directed put-away logic.

(MMS011/B) Location

… the picking location you want to connect to preferred buffer location(s).

(MMS011/B) Sequence number

… a part of the key identity for the look-up routine when finding location groups. The sequence number is specified manually and is four positions long.

If you connect more than one location group to the picking location, the look-up routine will first look for buffer locations included in the location group with the lowest sequence number.

(MMS011/E) Location group

… the location group, which is the key for all the buffer locations you want to connect to the picking location. The location group should be defined for each current buffer location in (MMS010/E).

(MMS011/E) Use at put-away

… whether this table entry can be used for finding location types by quantity multiples for put-away.

The field must be activated if you want this entry to be used when finding put-away locations.

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