Manually Create TEI Transfers without Events

This document describes how to create a Transportation Execution Interface (TEI) transfer manually.

You can create one or more TEI transfers containing deliveries (outbound or inbound distribution orders) or purchase order lines (inbound) based on the selection criteria and the transfer break criteria.


A TEI transfer is created manually instead of automatically as is usually done. For example, you can select transactions based on a specific country and date.

After a TEI transfer is created, manually or from an event, it can be displayed and maintained from the programs (MYS500) and (MYS501). These programs can also be used to send a TEI transfer to Infor Enterprise Collaborator manually.

The MTITRP table stores all the basic data. All data that describes the actual selection is stored in the existing table for report versions, CSYSTP.

TEI transfer data is stored in the MTITHE table and MTITDE tables.

Before you start

The following settings must be made in Settings for Transportation Execution Interface (TEI):

Follow These Steps

  1. Start 'TEI transfer. Manually Create' (MYS510/B). Enter the TEI report version.

  2. Open the E panel and enter the report version type. Possible values are 1 (Outbound), 2 (Inbound), or 3 (Inbound DO).

  3. The report status is set to 10 (Preliminary) by default. You can raise this status to 20 (Active) or 90 (Deactivated).

  4. Select the values in the fields on the E panel.

    Use the E panel to maintain all fixed data for a specific report version. Compared to the event-triggered creation of a TEI transfer, this type of data is retrieved from (MWS275).

Steps if the Report Version Type is 1 or 3

  1. Open the F panel. This panel is only displayed if the report version type is 1 (Outbound) or 3 (Inbound DO). The F panel contains general information that is not specific for a particular sender or a receiver. Also, you make date selections on the F panel.

  2. Open the G panel. This panel is only displayed if the report version type is 1 or 3. The G panel contains information for a particular sender and receiver. It is also used for outbound and inbound distribution order transactions.

    Use the first group of selection fields for the sender’s geographical information. Use the second group of selection fields for the receiver’s geographical information.

Steps if the Report Version Type is 2

  1. Open the H panel. This panel will only be displayed if the report version type is 2 (Inbound). On this panel, you select the purchase order data to include in a specific TEI transfer.

  2. The I panel is used to select objects that directly depend on the purchase order, such as purchase order number, order status, and so on.

Trigger the Creation of TEI Transfer

Redisplay (MYS510/B). Select option 9=Trigger TEI. This option will trigger TEI creation based on the selection criteria in the selected report version.

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