Managing Mismatches for Item per Warehouse

This document explains the M3 BE solution for analyze and repair mismatches in the database for allocations, inventory, and planning data.


This function makes it possible to check that:

If an error is detected, the item/warehouse combination is recorded in a message file.

This routine is used to repair mismatches for allocation, inventory, and planning data in the database.

This diagram illustrates the analyze flow in this routine.

Solution overview

  1. (MWS980) - Analyze allocations and inventory

    (MWS980) enables selections of warehouse/item and submits an analyze round. One record is created in MWASHE for each round.

  2. (MWS981) - Analyze errors

    (MWS981) displays all identified errors. Records are created in MWASLN.

  3. (MWS982) - Analyze messages

    (MWS982) displays error messages. Records are created in MWASMG.

  4. MWASHI - History file

    The MWASHI history file is updated by the function MWMNGASY (Manage synchronization). It is only the repairable errors that are logged in the history file.

Description of involved programs and error messages


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