Stock Entrance Allocation

This document describes what stock entrance allocation is and when it is used.

Stock entrance allocation is performed automatically by M3 when stock from an acquisition order line that is linked to a demand order line is received.

The linkage between the orders could be from any of three different sources:


The stock received against the acquisition order line is allocated to the linked demand order line.

The inventory history record is updated as follows:

If the link is an order-initiated link, and more stock is received than was demanded, then one of the following will occur:

If the stock received is not received in status 2 (approved) or 2-step put-away applies to the receipt, then the allocation will be delayed until the stock is approved or the 2-step put-away task is confirmed. These delayed allocations are called planned stock entrance allocations. The aggregate quantity of these for any given balance identity can be seen in "Balance Identity. Display Allocations" (MMS063). These are stored in the MITBLA table.

If the stock allocated to the demand order line is issued and then subsequently returned due to pick correction, and the link is an order-initiated one, then the stock returned via the pick correction is re-allocated to the demand order line as a part of the pick correction processing

The purpose of stock entrance allocation is to ensure that stock received from a particular acquisition order is allocated to the specific demand order line it is linked to. This is particularly useful in the following scenarios:

The following tables are updated:

Before you start

The conditions in these documents must be fulfilled:

Technical description

When a stock entrance allocation is performed, the following pattern is always followed:

  1. The stock is registered into M3 inventory via (MMS900) with the allocated quantity already accounting for the quantity to be allocated via stock entrance allocation. This is done to prevent other demands from allocating the stock in the moments between the registration of the stock and the creation of the allocation.

  2. Program MMMNGSEA (Manage Stock Entrance Allocations) performs the allocations by either updating MITBLA (if status is not 2, or if 2-step put-away is activated), or by calling MMMNGALO to create the allocation.

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