How to Perform Packing

This document describes how to perform packing for outbound dispatching.


Packing is used for safe shipping and unitizing one or more items for an order. It is also used for placing items into an appropriate container package, and marking and labeling the container or package with customer shipping destination data, as well as other required information, such as delivery documents.

Before You Start

Follow These Steps

Packing can be done in different ways. The method to be used is determined by the settings in 'Dispatch Policy' (MWS010), parameter 240.

Packing Packages into Other Packages

  • First level of packing (for example, items packed in boxes) can be performed automatically (method 3 or 4) or manually (method 2).
  • Second level of packing (for example boxes packed on pallets) is always performed manually in (MWS423).
  1. You must select advanced packing (method 2, 3 or 4) in the dispatch policy (MWS010). If method 2='Manual advanced packing' is selected, you first have to do the packing according to steps 5–7 above. If method 3 or 4 is selected, the packing (items packed in boxes, cartons, etc.) is already done.

  2. The next step is to pack the packages into other packages. On the (MWS420/B) panel, select option 15=Packages. This starts 'Package. Open' (MWS423).

  3. Select option 27='Include in packages' in front of all the packages that should be included in other packages. This starts (MWS423/G).

  4. Fill in the Packaging field and select the packaging type you have connected in (MMS053) to be included in another package. Press Enter.

  5. (MWS423) is redisplayed with the new package structure. Expand the structure by using option 23=Expand.


    Twenty-three items are included in the delivery. A maximum of one item should be packed in each box. The boxes should be packed on a pallet. A maximum of 10 boxes per pallet is allowed.

    The package structure should display 3 pallets. Two pallets with 10 boxes on each and one pallet with 3 boxes will be displayed when you expand the structure.

  6. You then have to confirm/report the delivery.

To Undo Packing, select option 26=Unpack in 'Picking List. Report' (MWS420).

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