Create Item Selection Table

This document explains how you create an item selection table to be used in a physical inventory.

Item selection table is only used together with inventory selected on balance identities records (MITLOC9). It is not used with inventory selected by stock locations (MITPCE).


You have created an item selection table that is used in cyclic, periodic and zero-point physical inventory.

An item selection table is an optional user-defined selection of fields with specified values for each field (the so-called From/To values).

By using an item selection table when creating a physical inventory round, only the fields relevant to the inventory will be included. In this way, the item selection table creates a great amount of flexibility for the user.

Item selection tables are reviewed in (CRS158) and (CRS159).

For information on which M3 files are updated, refer to the related process document Taking Physical Inventory.

Before you start

The conditions in Define Physical Inventory Settings must be fulfilled.

Follow These Steps

  1. Start 'Item Selection Table. Open' (CRS158).

  2. Fill in the Table field and click New. Click Next and the E panel will be displayed.

  3. Fill in the Name and Description fields on the E panel and start 'Item Selection Table. Select Fields' (CRS159) by clicking Next.

  4. Determine in which order the fields should be displayed in the 'Sequence number' field on the (CRS159/B) panel.

    These fields will be displayed in (MMS301/B).

  5. Fill in the fields in the Field column. Press F4 and select fields from the list presented there.

  6. Fill in the 'From value' and 'To value' fields.

    Note that if no value is entered in the 'To value' field, the value entered in the 'From value' field will be the only valid value.

  7. Specify whether to include or exclude the specified selection from valid balance identities. Click Exit.

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