Simple Lot Tracking

This document explains simple lot tracking.

Simple lot tracking is where the user wants to track which lot number was sent to which customer, but does not want to track lot numbers in stock.


Settings for how to handle simple lot tracing are defined.

A lot number is entered during picking reporting. This number will be recorded in the 'Lot reference 1' field on the MITTRA table.

This process is used for tracking which lot numbers were delivered by which orders. Also, it can be used for customer orders, distribution orders and customer order returns.

Follow these steps

Settings for simple lot tracking

  1. Start 'Item. Open' (MMS001). Open the E panel. Select alternative 8 or 9 in the 'Lot numbering method' field.

  2. You must enter 0='Lot control not used' in the 'Lot control method' field (you use simple lot tracking because you do not want to handle lots in your stock).

    Reporting lots during picking reporting

  3. On the (MWS420/A) panel, you can report a lot number in the 'Lot number' field. This panel is used for reporting a known picking identity.

  4. On the (MWS422/E) panel, you can to report a lot number in the 'Lot number' field. This panel is used for simultaneous picking and packing.

    Reporting lots during entering of customer order returns

  5. On the (OIS391/E) panel, you can enter a lot number in the 'Lot number' field.

    Simple lot tracking

  6. Start 'Stock Transaction. Display History' (MWS070).

  7. To be able to search and select these 'simple' lot numbers (lot numbering method 8 and 9), you have to create an sorting order that includes the 'Lot reference 1'(MTBREF) field. Make sure that the sorting option and view include this field.

  8. For further information, refer to these documents:

    See Manage Sorting Orders

    See Manage Views

    See Create Selection Tables

  9. Now you can use simple lot tracking and, for example, see which lot was delivered to which customer.

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