Date Analysis on Lot-Controlled Items

This document explains how you can perform all the necessary date analyses on balance identities, for instance, expiry date, last sales date and re-inspection date.


The lot-controlled items are displayed in date order. By using some of the selection fields, you can filter out the important balance identities. Several options enable you to skip to a number of programs for executing the decided action.

The last sales date, re-inspection date and the expiry date are now also included in the MITLOC table.

All expiry date, last sales date and re-inspection date changes are made on the lot number level, for instance, in the MILOMA table.

Only lot-controlled balance identities that exist in the MILOMA table are displayed in ‘Balance Identity. Analyze per Date Type’ (MWS320).

In most industries where some sort of expiry date functions are used, there is a need to be able to analyze all materials that are about to expire. This helps you to manage questions such as whether material can be used for something else, in which product this is material included, what the material plan looks like for this item, etc.

Before You Start

Lot-controlled items with expiry date handling or/and quality inspection date handling are set.

Follow These Steps

Options on the (MWS320/B) Panel

  1. Start ‘Balance Identity. Analyze Per Date Type’ (MWS320).

  2. The following options exist:

    Option 11 starts ‘Balance Identity. Display’ (MMS060).

    Option 12 starts ‘Item. Open Toolbox’ (MMS200).

    Option 13 starts ‘Material Plan. Open’ (MMS080).

    Option 14 starts ‘Availability. Display All Warehouses’ (MMS081).

    Option 15 starts ‘Material Plan. Display Several Items’ (RPS115).

    Option 16 starts ‘Where-Used Analysis. Display’ (PDS110).

    Option 17 starts ‘Attribute Value. Connect to’ (ATS101)

    Option 21 starts ‘Lot/Serial Number. Open/Connect to Item’ (MMS235).

    Option 22 starts ‘Balance Identity. Reclassify’ (MMS130).

    Option 23 starts ‘Balance Identity. Reclassify’ (MMS130).

    Option 24 starts ‘Req/Distr Order. Open’ (MMS100).

    Option 25 starts ‘Physical Inventory. Quick Entry’ (MMS310).

    Option 38 starts 'QI Request. Open' (QMS300)

    Note: The '407 Quality Management' field in 'Company. Connect Division' (MNS100/K) must be defined as 'Quality management system' for this option to be available.

Fields on the (MWS320/B) Panel

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