Using Item Toolbox

This document explains how you can use 'Item. Open Toolbox' (MMS200) to display and search items.


You create, copy, change, search delete and display items in this function. You also start managing information connected to an item, such as a warehouse, alias, related items, forecasting, transaction history, etc.

The main program can be used to create, change, display and search items and related information..

These tables are updated:

Before you start

No prerequisites needed.

Follow these steps

Panel Sequence, View and Sorting orders

  1. Start 'Item Toolbox. Open' (MMS200). Open the P panel and enter the appropriate panels in the field.

  2. The panel sequences in (MMS002) and (MMS003) are entered in the Default (MMS002) and (MMS003) 'Panel sequence' fields.

  3. On the B panel if (MMS200) is opened from another program, a pre-defined information view could be displayed.

  4. On the B panel the 'View' and the 'Sorting order' fields are user-defined. For further details on how to create view/sorting order, see Manage Views. However there are also default (standard) sorting orders and views as shown:

    Sorting order 1x reads over item (MITMAS):

    • 11 Item
    • 12 Item type
    • 13 Description
    • 14 Alias
    • 15 Style for fashion.

    Sorting order 2x reads over item/warehouse (MITBAL):

    • 21 Warehouse
    • 22 Item, Warehouse.

    Sorting order 3x reads over item/facility (MITFAC):

    • 31 Facility, Item
    • 32 Item, Facility.
  5. You have to generate these sorting orders by opening the P panel and pressing F14=Generate standard.

    When you select an sorting order, the corresponding view will also be automatically selected.

  6. Options

    Start 'Item Toolbox. Open' (MMS200). On the B panel there are options for all item-related programs.

    • 11=Items (MMS001)
    • 12=Item/Warehouse (MMS002)
    • 13=Item/Facility (MMS003)
    • 14=Alias numbers (MMS025)
    • 15=Related items (MMS020)
    • 16=Alternative U/M (MMS015)
    • 17=Balance Ids (MWS060)
    • 18=Stock Trans Hist (MWS070)
    • 19 = Material Plan (MMS080)
    • 20 = Available all whs's (MMS081)
    • 21 = Forecast (FCS001).

      and so on up to option 46 = 'Availability. Simulate for Material' (MMS085).

  7. Functions Keys

    These functions exist, among others:

    F16 = Create items (MMS001)

    F17 = Select fields (CRS170) is used for to select/unselect any of the already selected fields in your view. When this is activated, the F key is highlighted.

  8. Panels

    These panels are available in the panel sequence:

    E = (MMS001/E)

    F = (MMS001/F)

    G = (MMS001/G)

    H = (MMS001/H)

    I = (MMS001/I)

    J = (MMS001/J)

    K = (MMS001/K)

    L = (MMS001/L)

    M = (MMS001/M)

    V = (MMS200/V) This displays summarized per item/warehouse.

    W = (MMS200/W)

    1 = (MMS001)

    2 = (MMS002)

    3 = (MMS003)

    4 = (MMS025)

    5 = (MMS020)

    6 = (MMS015)

    7 = (MWS060)

    8 = (MWS070)

    9 = (MMS080).

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