Auto Start Jobs in the Dispatch Flow

This document explains the auto jobs involved in the dispatch flow.

The dispatch flow can be purely manual, partially automatic or completely automatic, depending on the settings in 'Dispatch Policy. Open' (MWS010).


Auto start jobs perform the dispatch flow.

To control the dispatch of all orders that result in a stock issue

Dispatches are managed via MHDISH table.

Table Description
MHDISH Delivery numbers
DCONSI Shipments
MHDIPO Dispatch policy
MHPICH Picking list header
MITTEM Picking teams
MITPIC Pickers per team
MITARE Stock areas

Before you start

For further information on how to manage and set up auto start jobs, refer to Administrator’s Guide for Auto Start Jobs and Subsystems.


The Time Trigger job MWS970 monitors the transaction date and time for each delivery number, and creates a status trigger record, if required. The transaction date and time is equal to the date and time of creation of picking lists controlled by the dispatch policy.

The Delivery Status Manager MWS971 controls all automated steps in the dispatch flow. Triggering the Delivery Status Manager is performed by a creating record in the trigger file MMW971.

The Pick List Driver MWS972 performs the printing of picking lists. The Pick List Driver is triggered by creating one record for each delivery number in the MITDPR file, followed by creating a trigger record (job number) in the trigger file MMW972.

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