Wave Picking

This document explains how wave picking works. Wave picking is a picking tool for large volumes.

A wave picking list is created by a combination of warehouse, stock zone and warehouse equipment.

A wave picking list line is a combination of item number, location and lot number.


Wave picking optimizes picking works for large volumes and provides a tool for fast picking reporting

Before You Start


Picking list line: A picking list line is the connection between an order line and goods in the warehouse. It contains how much of a balance identity is allocated to an order line. With this information the picker knows how much to pick of a balance identity for an order line.

Picking list: A collection of picking list lines for goods delivered on the same delivery.

Wave picking list: A collection of picking lists from several deliveries that are picker at the same time.

Wave picking list line: A wave picking list line is an aggregated line for several picking list lines from several deliveries on the same wave picking list. All picking list lines containing the same balance identity information (what to pick) is summarized into one wave picking list line.

Follow these steps

Workflow for Wave Management

  1. Create wave in 'Delivery. Open Toolbox' (MWS410)

    To release deliveries for picking, use F19 Release all Picking List

  2. Select Wave for reporting in 'Picking List. Report' (MWS420/B2)

    Here you can also report regular picking lists instead of using wave reporting.

  3. Select Wave line in 'Wave Lines. Report' (MWS421)

  4. Here you can also change the quantity for each wave line.

  5. Perform reporting in 'Picking List. Report Lines' (MWS422).

    For more details, see section Reporting.

Workflow for Wave Picking Reporting

A wave picking list is created when several deliveries are released for picking at the same time. It is required that the wave creation parameter on the P panel is activated.

  1. Depending on whether pick resources are planned or not, the wave is created from 'Delivery. Open Toolbox' (MWS410) or from MWS415.

  2. The wave picking list is displayed in 'Picking List. Report' (MWS420), sorting order 2.

  3. To report wave picking list lines, you can navigate to 'Wave Lines. Report' (MWS421).

  4. To view the picking list lines that are part of a wave picking list line, use related option 11 in 'Wave Lines. Report' (MWS421) to start 'Picking List. Report Lines' (MWS422).

  5. If a deviating quantity is reported, the system distributes it among the picking list lines that are part of the wave picking list line according to the 'Propose quantity' parameter on 'Wave Lines. Report' (MWS421/P).


You can choose between wave reporting or picking list reporting by delivery.

Release a Wave Picking List

  1. Start 'Delivery. Open Toolbox' (MWS410). Activate the 'Wave number' field on the P panel.

  2. On the B panel, deselect deliveries to release by using option 22. Then release the wave by using F19=Release all picking lines.

  3. You can also do a 'rough' selection before you use option 22. Then you press F17=Select, where you can select From and To values for what to display on the B panel.

  4. If you use picking resource planning, you release the deliveries on the (MWS415/B) panel. The 'Wave picking' field must be activated on the (MWS415/P) panel. Press F17=Select to select the deliveries to release (to be displayed on the B panel). Then press F16='Confirm all' to release the wave.

    You can instead press F19=Create wave + release. A one-step wave creation and wave release process is then performed.

Report a Wave Picking List

  1. Start 'Picking List. Report' (MWS420/B1). Select sorting order 2=Cumulated by wave numbers.

  2. You display the wave number on the (MWS420/B2) panel. Each wave number consists of several deliveries, which were selected when you released the deliveries for picking in (MWS410) or (MWS415).

  3. Use option 12='Wave line' to start 'Wave Lines. Report' (MWS421).

    This panel displays each wave line included in the wave number. A wave line is the cumulated quantity of several picking lines (from several picking lists) with the same item number, location and, if used, lot number.

    Here you can change the quantity per wave line in the 'Transaction quantity' field.

  4. Use option 11='Pick list lines' to report a wave line. This starts 'Picking List. Report Lines' (MWS422).

  5. Each picking list line that is included in the wave line is displayed on the (MWS422/B) panel.

  6. Confirm the entire wave line (all picking lines included) by using F16.

  7. Move one picking list line to a pack location by using option 17. Then define the packing location in the 'To location' field.

    This line will get picking list status 50='All lines reported as moved to pack location' and can be displayed on the (MWS420/B1) panel.

  8. Move one picking list line to a docking location by using option 18. Then define the docking location in the 'To location' field.

    This line will get picking status 60='All lines reported as moved to dock location' and can be displayed on the (MWS420/B1) panel.

How to Report by Delivery

  1. Start 'Picking List. Report' (MWS420/B1), where sorting order 1='Picking lists by delivery number and suffix' is displayed.

  2. You can also create your own wave view. For example, the following fields can be included:

    PIPLRI Wave number
    PISEEQ Picking sequence
    PIPICK Picker
    PITEAM Picking team
    &NOLI Number of lines
    OQRIDN Order number
    PIPLTM Picking time.
  3. Select the appropriate picking list and confirm it by using option 16=Confirm issue. Or open the picking list lines by using option 11=Picking list lines. This starts (MWS422), where you can confirm line by line.

  4. You can also pack and move the picking lists. Refer to Print, Pick, Pack and Report Picking Lists.

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