Define Settings for Picking Resource Planning

This document explains how you define the settings for picking resource planning.


Picking work is directed to the required resources.

The following tables are updated:

Follow these steps

Create Picking Teams and Connect Pickers

  1. Start 'Picking Team. Open' (MWS038/B).

    Set the panel sequence to E1, where 1=(MWS039).

  2. Fill in the current warehouse.

  3. Define a picking team.

  4. Open the E panel and fill in the Name and Description fields. Press Enter and 'Picking Team. Connect Pickers' (MWS039/B) starts.

  5. Select the created picking team and specify a picker.

    Press F4 on the Picker field to display a list of M3 user names, retrieved from 'User. Open' (MNS150). You can also enter any name you want. You will then get a warning message that says that the picker does not exist. Press Enter again to override the warning message.

  6. Open the E panel and fill in the 'Picking skill' field. Picking skill is user defined in 'Picking Skill. Open' (CRS005).

Connect Picking Times per Item and Quantity

  1. Start 'Item. Connect Picking Time' (MMS405/B).

  2. Select a warehouse and item.

    It is optional to fill in the 'Normal quantity' and 'Location type' fields.

  3. Fill in the appropriate picking time fields on the (MMS405/E) panel.

Set Default Picking Team per Stock Zone

  1. Start 'Stock Zone. Open' (MMS040/B). Select the appropriate warehouse. Select the stock zone you will connect to a picking team.

  2. Open the E panel. Fill in the 'Picking team' field.

Set Warehouse Equipment by Item/Warehouse or Location

  1. Start 'Item. Connect Warehouse' (MMS002). Open the G panel.

  2. Fill in the 'Warehouse equipment' field. Use F4 to browse for the existing equipment.

  3. Connect warehouse equipment for a location in 'Stock Location. Open' (MMS010). Open the F panel, where you also fill in the 'Warehouse equipment' field.

Parameters to set

Program ID/Panel Field The field indicates …
(MWS038/B) Picking team

… a team identity. A picking team consists of a number of pickers. Each picker can be a M3 user defined in (MNS150) or a non-M3 user.

A picking team can be connected to a stock zone (MMS040) and will be attached to all picking lists created for that stock zone.

The picking team can be changed in (MWS415) as long as the picking list is not printed.

(MWS039/B) Picker … a picker. Each picker can be a M3 user defined in (MNS150) or a non-M3 user.
(MWS039/E) Picking skill … a userdefined skill level.
(MMS405/B) Normal quantity

… a normal quantity, which is used in 'Item. Connect Stock Location Type' (MMS057) and in 'Item. Connect Picking Time' (MMS405).

In (MMS405), the 'Normal quantity' field is used to distinguish between different picking times within the same location type. For example, this can be useful for a picking location that also contains broken packages.



Warehouse equipment

… warehouse equipment used inside a warehouse.

This information is used when special equipment is required for inhouse movements of certain items, or to/from certain locations.

Warehouse equipment can be specified for each item/warehouse (MMS002/G) and location (MMS010/F). Of the two, the item/warehouse has the highest priority.

Different warehouse equipment will create separate picking lists in M3 when, for example, special equipment is required to perform an inventory withdrawal.

Warehouse equipment is defined in 'Warehouse Equipment. Open' (MWS023).

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