Perform Picking Resource Planning

This document explains how you direct picking work to the required resources.

This is an optional step in the dispatch flow.


Picking work is directed to the required resources.

Picking teams are stored in the MITTEM table. The connection between item and picking time is stored in the MITPTI table.

Before you start

Follow these steps

  1. Start 'Picking List. Plan Pickers' (MWS415/B).

    Select a view for the B panel in the 'View' field. If you leave this field blank, a standard view is displayed.

    An appropriate view, selected on deliveries (the 'Delivery number' field), can include the following fields:

    PIDLIX Delivery number

    OQCONN Shipment

    OQCONA Consignee

    OQRORC Reference order category

    &NOLI Number of lines

    PINPLL Original number of picking list lines

    PITEAM Picking team

    PIPICK Picker

    PIPISE Warehouse equipment

    PIPLRI Wave number

    PIPLTM Picking time.

  2. Specify the warehouse.

    You can set filters on one or more of the following fields: Stock zone, Warehouse equipment, Picking team, Departure date and Route.

  3. Select F17=Selection if you want to make more selections on what to display. This starts the (MWS415/S) panel. Here you can also select From/To values.

    You can change delivery to a new printer, new picking teams and/or new pickers.

  4. Select option 22 for the delivery or option 2 for the line. This starts the E panel.

  5. To select several deliveries, select option 22 for the deliveries (or option 2 for the lines) and press Enter. Enter the new value(s) on the E panel. This will update all the deliveries you selected with option 22.

    Note: If you enter a value that is not part of the picking team or if the value is not a registered user in M3, the Picker field will display a warning on panel E. Press Enter to override these warnings.
  6. Release the picking list by selecting option 16 in front of the line or by pressing F16 to confirm all lines.

    This will raise the picking list status to 40=Ready to pick and report.

  7. You can release a wave picking list by opening the P panel and activating the 'Wave picking used' field. Then release several deliveries by pressing F16 on the B panel.

  8. By pressing F19='Create wave + release', a one-step wave creation and wave release process is processed. The 'Wave creation' field on the (MWS415/P) panel must be activated.

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