Picking Release Delivery Toolbox

This document explains how you release a delivery for picking. It also describes how to work in 'Delivery. Open Toolbox' (MWS410).


Delivery status is raised to 50=Picking list(s) created, delivery blocked for further additions.

The following table are updated:

Before you start

Follow these steps

Open Toolbox

  1. Start'Delivery. Open Toolbox.' (MWS410/B).

    If (MWS410) is opened from another program (DRS100, for example) via an option, a predefined information view can be displayed. Refer to Connect Information Views from Different Programs

  2. Select a view for the B panel. Refer to Manage Views for how to create views and sorting orders.

    Note: When you create view and sorting orders in (MWS410) and (MWS411), select only the fields required or needed. Selecting too many records can cause performance problems.

    An appropriate view, selected on deliveries, can include the following fields:

    • OQDLIX Delivery number
    • OQDSDT Departure date
    • OQDSHM Departure time
    • OQRIDN Order number
    • OQRORC Reference order category
    • OQCONA Consignee
    • OQRLFA Released for allocation
    • OQRLTD Released for picking
    • OQCONN Shipment
    • OQGRWE Gross weight
    • OQPIST Packing status
    • OQWHLO Warehouse
    • OQPGRS Progress status.
  3. You can now release one or several deliveries for picking directly from the B panel.

    • Release one delivery number (one line) by selecting option 32=Release for picking.
    • Release several delivery numbers by pressing F19=Release all pick lists.
    • Deselect the lines you do not want to release by using option 22=Select/deselect in front of those lines that not should be released. Then press F19.
  4. On the E panel, you can change the 'Transaction date', 'Transaction time' and 'Shipment assembly' fields.

  5. Address information is displayed on the F panel.

  6. Shipment, route and load information are displayed on the I panel.

Options on the (MWS410/B) Panel

  1. There are several functions connected to the deliveries. For a complete description, refer to the Supply Chain Execution documentation.

  2. The printer for the picking list is defined in 'Stock Zone. Open' (MMS040) in the Printer field.

Wave Picking

This can be used for large volumes. A wave picking list is a group of picking lists with the same warehouse, stock zone and warehouse equipment.

  1. Start the (MWS410/P) panel to define some basic settings for the wave number.

  2. Activate the 'Wave creation' field.

  3. In the 'Wave line specification' field, specify whether all included order lines per wave line should be specified on the wave picking list.

  4. The printer for the picking list is defined in 'Stock Zone. Open' (MMS040) in the Printer field.

  5. Press Enter to redisplay the B panel.

  6. Press F19 to release all picking lists included in the wave. This creates a wave number.

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