How to Use Manual Allocation

This document explains how you work with manual allocation.

Manual allocation can be used for certain products or for products that normally are allocated automatically, but occasionally need to be manually allocated.


An order line is manually allocated, and the order line is in status 33='Allocated'.

Allocation is used in the dispatch flow. The next step is to release the picking list.

Allocation is managed in (MMMNGALO).

Allocation is stored in the MITLOC table.

Before you start

Follow these steps

Manual allocation is performed in 'Allocation. Perform' (MMS120) or in 'Allocation. Perform Detailed' (MMS121). The difference is that in (MMS120), M3 will suggest a location from which items should be issued, while in (MMS121) all locations that have allocatable quantities are displayed and will have an open line.

Perform manual allocation

  1. Start 'Allocation. Perform' (MMS120). The B panel displays allocatable orders per Item/Warehouse. You can allocate on this panel.

  2. To display all order lines per order, use option 2='Change'. This opens the following panels, depending on which order category the order belongs to:

    Manufacturing order: Category 1 activates the (MMS120/F) panel

    Customer order: Category 3 activates the (MMS120/E) panel

    Requisition order: Category 4 activates the (MMS120/G) panel

    Distribution order: Category 5 activates the (MMS120/H) panel.

    The panels above display an overview of the on-hand balance and so on. You can use the open line to allocate and/or override the allocation method. Enter the quantity to be allocated on the open line.

    Sorting order 2 in the (MMS120/B) panel is useful when distribution orders to multiple warehouses are being managed and not enough stock is available. The extra information available in this sorting order makes manual sharing of the available stock easier.

  3. F16 on the B panel, will deallocate all automatically allocated order lines, and then trigger an automatic allocation for the item/warehouse being worked on. Order lines that have been manually allocated (overriding allocation method not 0), or are in a status greater than allocated (for example, on a picking list) will not be affected.

Perform manual detailed allocation

  1. Start 'Allocation. Perform Detailed' (MMS121) by selecting option 11 from the order line. You can also start by selecting option 12='Change details' on the (MMS120/B) panel.
  2. All locations with allocatable quantity are displayed and will have an open line. Select a location and enter a quantity in the open 'Allocatable quantity' field.
  3. Press Enter and the field in the 'Allocated qty' header will be updated.

    Allocated quantity cannot be greater than the ordered quantity.

  4. F15, with the cursor placed on an open line, activates 'Balance Identity. Display Allocations' (MMS063) where orders that already have an allocated quantity from the identity are displayed.

Perform manual detailed over-allocation in Manufacture Orders for Fashion

Over-allocation is allowed in manual allocation 'Allocation. Perform Detailed' (MMS121) for material connected to schedule reservation order (SLRO=1 in MWOHED). Over-allocation is validated against the over-allocation tolerance set in 'Settings – Warehouse planning control' (CRS701).

  1. Start 'Allocation. Perform Detailed' (MMS121) by selecting option 2 from 'Manufact Order. Check Comp Availabilit'’ (PMS040).
  2. Open panel 'Allocation. Perform Detailed' (MMS121/P) and select Opening panel ‘Additional Info’ (K). It opens (MMS121/K) with additional fields like ‘Item description’ (FUDS), ‘Schedule number’ (SCHN).

    Columns Lot Ref 2, Lot Ref 1, Location and Dynamic Attribute description are also opened and show important fashion information that is used to select the location to allocate.

  3. All locations with allocatable quantity are displayed and will have an open line. Select a location and enter a quantity in the 'Allocatable quantity' field.

    An over-allocation qty is allowed for manual allocated items that are part of a manufacturing order. This over-allocated quantity is controlled by the tolerance field ‘Over alloc dev’ (OADE) in 'Settings – Warehouse planning control' (CRS701) and it permits to allocate a percentage over the ordered quantity.

  4. Press Enter and the field in the 'Allocated qty' header is updated. The manufacturing order is allocated and the component material ready for issue.
  5. To return to 'Manufact Order. Check Comp Availability' (PMS040), press F3.

Display information about allocation

  1. The on-hand balance per warehouse is displayed in 'On-Hand. Display Summarized Per Item/Whs' (MMS200).
  2. All locations where items are stored are displayed in 'Balance Identity. Display' (MMS060).
  3. Orders to which the on-hand balance is allocated are displayed in 'Balance Identity. Display Allocations' (MMS063).
  4. 'Material Plan. Open' (MMS080), sorting order 5 displays allocation information.
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