Batch Allocation Settings

This document explains how you define batch allocation settings.


Batch allocation is used for allocating stock to requirements when there is a stock shortage and when more control than is feasible by using automatic allocation is needed over which requirement gets the stock.

The allocated balance ID is stored in the MITLOC file.

The allocated order and order line are stored in the MITALO file.

Before you start

The settings for batch allocation must be defined. Refer to these documents:

See Settings for Fair Share, Allocation Priority Rules and Allocation Priority with Fair Share

See Define Settings for Allocation Priority Model

Workflow for setting batch allocation

  1. Create basic settings for batch allocation

    Define basic allocation settings in:

    • 'Item. Connect Warehouse' (MMS002)
    • 'Warehouse. Open' (MMS005)
    • 'Req/Distr Order Type. Open' (CRS200)
    • 'CO Type. Update Field Selection' (OIS014)
    • 'Manufacturing Order Type. Open' (PMS120)
    • 'Dispatch Policy. Open' (MWS010)
  2. Select a batch allocation method: Fair share, allocation priority rules or allocation priority with fair share

    The primary use of fair share is to distribute stock fairly to equal priorities. Fair share calculation rules are coded in the system.

    There are no particular settings for fair share except for the basic settings listed above. A number of fields must be filled in during the fair share batch allocation run in 'Allocation. Distribute Quantities' (MMS189).

    If you use allocation priority rules or allocation priority with fair share, you have to follow the steps below.

  3. Define order types priority

    Define the default priority for the order header. This is done per order type in:

    'Req/Distr Order Type. Open' (CRS200)

    'CO Type. Open' (OIS010)

    'Manufacturing Order Type. Open' (PMS120).

  4. Define customer priority

    Define a default priority per customer in 'Customer. Open' (CRS610).

  5. Define allocation priority

    Define allocation priority in:

    • 'Settings – Allocation Priority' (MMS156)
    • 'Allocation Priority. Calculate'(MMS157)
    • 'Allocation Priority. Open' (MMS159)
    • 'Allocation Prio Model. Open' (MMS181)
    • 'Alloc Prio Model Selection Table. Open' (MMS182)
  6. Define batch allocation limits

    Define batch allocation limits in 'Allocation min/max limits Sel Table. Open' (MMS154).

  7. Define settings by each batch allocation run

    Some settings are defined every time you run batch allocation in 'Allocation. Distribute Quantities' (MMS189).

    If Distribution method allocation priority with fair share is selected, then the first allocation priority hierarchy must have value 6 (allocation priority model) and a valid allocation priority model must be configured and selected in MMS189/F.

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