Create View and Sorting Order in (MWS410)

This document explains how to set the view and sorting order for an allocation view in (MWS410). This is only necessary when manual release for automatic allocation is used.

Note: Selecting too many records when you create views and sorting orders in (MWS410) and (MWS411) can cause performance issues.


A user-defined view and sorting order is available in 'Delivery. Open Toolbox' (MWS410).

View and sorting orders in (MWS410) are used when manual release for automatic allocation is used.

Before You Start

No prerequisites are needed.

Follow These Steps

Generate Standard Views and Sorting orders

The view sets the sorting order and column layout. The sorting order sets the selections available as specified in the Sorting order field.

  1. Start 'Delivery. Open Toolbox' (MWS410), open the P panel.

  2. Press F14=Generate standard. This generates a number of pre-defined views with their sorting orders.

  3. Redisplay the B panel.

    Note: If you have made changes in the pre-defined views and press F14=Generate standard, you will lose all your changes.

    If you first have generated the pre-defined views and then have made new views and again press F14, the new ones will still be there.

Create View

  1. Start 'Delivery. Open Toolbox' (MWS410); select the B panel.

  2. Start 'View. Open' (CRS020) by pressing F4 twice when filling in the 'View' field.

  3. Enter MWS410 in the 'Program name' field. This indicates the program in which the view should be used.

  4. Enter the name of the view in the 'View' field, for example, REL ALLOC.

  5. Open the E panel and enter the database fields included in the view for the delivery file (MHDISH) in the 'Field' fields.

    Here is a useful example for allocation release (MHDISH file):

    Field Text
    OQDLIX delivery number
    OQDPOL dispatch policy
    OQRLFA released for allocation
    OQRLTD released for picking
    OQPGRS progress status
    OQWHLO warehouse

    These are retrieved from (CRS109) and are the database fields included in the delivery file (MHDISH).

  6. Open the F panel and fill in the Description and Name fields. Press Enter.

  7. (MWS410/B) is redisplayed. Select the view created, for example, REL ALLOC.

Create Sorting order

  1. On the (MWS410/B) panel, press F4 twice in the 'Sorting order' field. This starts 'Sorting order. Open' (CRS022). Define an sorting order in the 'Sorting order' field.

  2. Open the E panel and fill in the Description and Name fields.

  3. Fill in the 'Sorting option' field. Press F4 twice to start 'Sorting Option. Open' (CRS021).

    Be sure that MHDISH is displayed in the File field.

  4. Fill in the sorting option in the 'Sorting option' field.

  5. Open the E panel and fill in the Description and Name fields.

  6. Enter OQCONN (shipment)in the 'Key 1' field.

  7. Enter OQDLIX (delivery number) in the 'Key 2' field.

  8. There is nothing to enter on the F and T panels.

  9. After pressing Enter, (CRS022/E) is redisplayed. Select the created sorting option in the 'Sorting option' field.

Open Created View

  1. Start 'View. Open' (CRS020) by pressing F4 twice in the 'View 1' field. Select the created view, for example, REL ALLOC.

  2. Press Enter, and (CRS022/E) is redisplayed.

  3. Open the (CRS022/F) panel.

  4. Create a selection table by pressing F4 twice in the 'Selection table' field. This starts 'Selection Table. Open' (CRS023). Define a selection table and redisplay (CRS022/F) with the created selection table.

  5. In the 'Sequence number' field, enter 0 for 'From value' and 'To value'.

  6. Press Enter until the (CRS022/B) panel is redisplayed.

  7. Select the created sorting order by selecting option 1.

    (MWS410) is redisplayed with the created view and sorting order.

Parameters to Set

Program ID/ Panel Field The field indicates …
(MWS410/B) View

… the view (information) displayed from the delivery number file (MHDISH).

The sorting order specified in the 'Sorting order' field determines sorting order and search capabilities.

(CRS020/B) Program name … the program in which the view is used.
(CRS020/E) Field

… the information from the file to be displayed.


The following two fields are selected in a view from the delivery (MHDISH) file:

OQDLIX delivery number

OQRLFA released for allocation.

(MWS410/B) Sorting order

… the sorting order used to view information. The sorting order determines the sorting order and search possibilities.

The information displayed on the panel is controlled by the view entered.

(CRS022/E) Sorting option

… the ID of a unique setup that is used to sort a file. Sorting options can be used to create user-defined sorting orders.

Sorting is controlled by selected sorting fields and by their order (that is, how they are related to each other).

When a sorting option is activated, a logical file is created for the selected physical file.

(CRS022/F) Selection table … which field values in a file should exist to qualify a record for different purposes.
(CRS022/F) Sequence number … the sequence in which the information should be displayed.
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