How to Use Automatic Allocation with Manual Release and How to Stop Allocation

This document explains how you work with automatic allocation with manual release and how to stop allocation.


Balance IDs are allocated to order lines.

Automatic allocation with manual release, which is useful for high volumes and when wave picking is to be performed. (Wave picking is a collection of picking lists released at the same time.)

Before you start

Settings for allocations must be made depending on the selected allocation method described in this document. Refer to:

Follow These Steps

Workflow for Automatic Allocation with Manual Release for Allocation

  1. Start ‘Delivery. Open Toolbox’ (MWS410). The B panel is the opening panel.

  2. Select an appropriate view in the ‘View’ field.

  3. Select an appropriate sorting order in the ‘Sorting order’ field.

    For setting up an appropriate view and sorting order, see the document ‘Settings for Automatic Allocation’.

  4. Release for allocation by selecting option 31= ‘Release for allocation’ or F18=Release all selected.

    The rest of the automatic allocation flow is the same as described above.

Stop Allocation

This function stops allocation of items per warehouse combination. It does not deallocate an already allocated order.

Use of this function prevents a certain item from being automatically allocated.

  1. Start ‘Allocation. Stop’ (MMS122).

  2. On the B panel, enter the warehouse and item that should be stopped from allocation.

  3. Open the E panel and fill in the ‘Allocation stop type’ field.

  4. If you selected allocation stop type 1=Stopped until specified date, then you must also enter the date in the ‘Valid to’ field.

  5. Allocation stop can also be done via ‘Picking List. Report Lines’ (MWS422) using option 30=Stop allocation.

    The type of allocation stop this creates is determined in ‘Warehouse. Open’ (MMS005/G) by the ‘Allocation stop type’ field.

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