Display Stock Transaction History

This instruction explains how to view all physical stock transactions.

This function has user-defined views and sorting orders. The purpose with this is to view and sequence the information that you need and deselect the information you do not need.


Information about stock transactions is displayed.

This history displays, for example, information about which transactions took place on a certain date, for a certain lot number, at a certain location or by a certain transaction type.

All physical stock transactions are stored in the MITTRA table.

Before you start

Follow these steps

  1. Start 'Stock Transaction. Display History' (MWS070). Open the P panel by pressing F13.

  2. Define the default opening panel in the 'Opening panel' field.

  3. The 'Maximum no. of records' field helps you avoid claiming too much machine capacity, since the range is extensive and includes a large number of records.

  4. If (MWS070) is opened from another program - via an option - a pre-defined information view could be displayed. See Connect Information Views from Different Programs .

  5. On the B panel the 'View' field controls the information to be displayed on this panel.

    Views are user-defined and are created in 'View. Open' (CRS020). Press F4 to display existing views. Press F4 again to start (CRS020). See Manage Views

  6. The sorting order specified in the 'Sorting order' field determines sorting order and search capabilities.

    Press F4 to display existing sorting orders. Press F4 again and 'Sorting orders. Open' (CRS022) starts. Here you create sorting orders. See Manage Sorting Orders.

  7. Select a transaction and enter the E panel to see detailed information. The 'Entry date' field displays when the transaction was created.

  8. The Responsible field displays who entered the transaction.

  9. The 'New on-hand balance per transaction date' field reflects the on-hand balance as of the transaction date.

  10. The 'New on-hand balance per entry date' reflects the on-hand balance as of the entry date.

  11. The 'Stock transaction type' field displays different types of stock transactions, for example:

    10 = Maintenance order receipt

    20 = Purchase order receipt

    31 = Customer order issues

    41 = Requisition order issue

    50 = Distribution order receipt

    92 = Replenishment move order issue

    97 = Reclassification of lot number.

    There are many more transaction types.

    Note: You can change the transaction date on the E panel. Changes update the accounts if the general ledger is open. Changes also adjust inventory statistics.

  12. A stock transaction report is printed in 'Stock Transaction. Print History' (MMS655).

  13. Stock transactions can be saved in another library for filed stock transactions. This is done in 'Stock Transaction. File' (MMS195).

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