Define Related Items

This document explains how you relate interchangeable items in order to be able to respond to an order even if the item ordered is out of stock.


Items are connected and defined as interchangeable with each other.

This setting is used when there is a need to substitute items because of a stock shortage at order placement.

The defined relationship between items is saved in the MITALT table and can be reviewed in (MMS020).

Before you start

An item must have been created in 'Item. Open' (MMS001).

Parameters to Set

Program ID/Panel Field The field indicates …
(MMS020/B) Replacement type

…which type of replacement relationship applies between the two items.

The valid alternatives are:

0 = The item has been replaced through a general

item number change (status 99).

1 = Complete replacement - the replaced number

may not be used (status 90).

2 = The item number has been replaced, but the

current balance must be used before the

replacement takes effect. Until then, the item has status 50.

3 = The item number is interchangeable

(substitution) with the other item number.

This occurs in accordance with the specially

defined rules of interchangeability.

4 = The item number is fully interchangeable with

the other item number without any technical


5 = The item number is fully interchangeable with

the other item number without any technical

restrictions. Can only be used for

alternative material in the product structure.

(MMS020/B) Related item

…a related item. A related item may replace an item that is out of stock or has been deleted.

If an item is out of stock or has been deleted, a list of related items is shown at order line entry.

An unlimited number of related items may be entered per item.

(MMS020/E) Interchangeability

...the degree of interchangeability as a complement to the relation type. The value is defined in (CRS098).

(MMS020/E) Reference type

...the reference type relevant to the specified reference ID.

The valid alternatives are:

0 = Optional reference

1 = ECO number is used as reference

2 = Document ID is used as reference.

(MMS020/E) Reference identity

…the ID according to the selected reference type.

(MMS020/E) Quantity factor ...the quantity relationship that applies when an item is replaced by several items. The field is not used in the current version of the system.
(MMS020/E) Start date

…the date from which this record is valid.

(MMS020/E) Preferred item

...if, among the related items, this item is preferred for purchase order and distribution order purposes.

The valid alternatives are:

0 = No

1 = Yes.

Follow These Steps

  1. Start 'Item. Define Relations' (MMS020).

  2. On the B panel, fill in the 'Item number', 'Replacement type' and 'Related item' fields. Click New or Option 1.

  3. On the E panel, enter the necessary information. See parameter descriptions.

  4. End the setting by pressing F3.

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