Create and Connect Item to a Warehouse Structure

This document explains how you create an item and thereafter connects it to warehouses and facilities in your inventory structure.


An item will have been registered and connected to warehouses and facilities.

Item-specific information will be connected to each item/warehouse and item/facility combination.

Mandatory information for warehouse control, material planning and product management etc. is created.

Items are stored in the (MITMAS), (MITMPR), and (MITMAD) tables.

Before you start

A warehouse structure must be created. See Define Warehouse Structure.

Follow these steps

  1. Create an item

    Create an item in the item master file in 'Item. Open' (MMS001). The item can be any unique manufactured or purchased part, material, intermediate, subassembly or product. Item type is mandatory.

  2. Connect item to warehouse

    The item must be connected to a warehouse for the material planning processing and order processing etc. Basic information about planning method and lot handling is defined in this activity. You connect an item to one or several warehouses in 'Item. Connect Warehouse' (MMS002). When you connect the item to a warehouse, it is automatically connected to a facility.

  3. Item/Facility connection – Check and modify

    The automatic connection between the item and a facility may need some modification. On-hand balance method per facility, main warehouse, production line flow, order planning etc. are examples of modifications that you make in 'Item. Connect Facility' (MMS003).

    Note: You can connect an item to one or several facilities.
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