Create Warehouse Subtype

This settings instruction document explains how to create a new type of warehouse under a warehouse type in the hierarchy. This subtype is not a logical level and is used for information purposes only.


A warehouse subtype is created.

The subtype is used when there is a need for further structuring of information on a warehouse type level.

Subtypes are stored n the (CSYTAB) table.

Before you start

There are no prerequisites for this setting instruction.

Parameters to Set

Program ID/Panel Field The field indicates …
(MMS007/B) Warehouse subtype

…the warehouse subtype, which is used to differentiate warehouses within each type.

The field is defined in a separate table and is used for informational purposes only.

Note that it is possible to create a warehouse type with a blank name in this field.

(MMS007/E) Description … the description should reflect the significance of the current warehouse subtype in your warehouse structure. Mandatory information.

Follow These Steps

Create a Warehouse Subtype

  1. Start ‘Warehouse Subtype. Open’ (MMS007) and enter an alphanumeric value.

  2. Select option 1=Create.

  3. On the E panel, enter the Description and Name fields.

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