Transmission Lead Time

This document explains how transmission lead time is set. Transmission lead time is only active when the communication with the supplier is by paper. A check is done in the following priority order to find out which communication code the supplier has:

If all three sources listed above are blank, the communication code is set to 1= Paper.


A lead time is set for mailing a letter (paper) to the supplier.

Transmission lead time is specified per supplier (IDPODA/CIDMAS)

Transmission Lead Time is used as a lead time component to calculate the total lead time per item/warehouse connection.

Before you start

There are no prerequisites before starting.

Follow these steps

  1. Start 'Supplier. Open' (CRS620) and go to the E panel. Fill in the 'Transmission lead time' field. The value is entered in days.

  2. The transmission lead time is displayed on the (MMS002/G) panel.

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