Requisition/Distribution Order Quick Entry

This document explains how you create a quick entry requisition/distribution order. This is done in only one panel for both order head and order line.

You can only enter one order line when you use the quick entry function.


The following are uses of this process:

Requisition order head is stored in the (MGHEAD) table and the order lines in the (MGLINE) table.

Before you start

The conditions in Basic Settings for Requisition and Distribution Order must be fulfilled.

Follow These Steps

  1. Start 'Req/Distr Order. Open' (MMS100). Open the P panel by clicking F13=Settings.

  2. On the P panel enter N=Fast entry in the 'Opening panel' field.

  3. Press ENTER and (MMS100/N) is displayed.

  4. Fill in the order type and item number. The Quantity field can also be filled in, if you do not fill in this field, you will be forced to enter the quantity on the (MMS101/B) panel.

    It is optional to fill in the Location field, which specifies the location from which the quantity will be allocated

  5. Press Enter, the requisition order is now created. Open the (MMS100/P) panel and select the B panel as the opening panel. You can now display the created order on the (MMS100/B) panel.

  6. It can occur that the (MMS100/F) panel would be displayed, for example, if the system has a warning message. Press Enter again, and the order is created.

    Note: By using the quick entry you create an order with only one order line. You can add order lines by using 'Req/Distr Order. Open Lines' (MMS101).

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